Windhoek, 15 March 2016 – In the Namibian Newspaper on 10 March 2016 an article under the heading “NWR forced to audit” appears in it. NWR would, however, want to state that the said article does not reflect the accurate picture about the matter reported. Therefore, NWR would like to bring more depth to this article in order to avail the national and international audience an opportunity to have a clearer picture as to what the true facts are about the specific matter reported.

Firstly, NWR would like to assure all its domestic and international customers that the company is operationally and financially sound. Like any business of the magnitude of NWR, there are some challenges here and there, some of them historical, but management has been trying to address these challenges in order to improve customer experiences at our facilities. It must be put on record that NWR is and has been sustaining its operations and obligations, including its employees’ monthly payroll, with its own generated funds. There were capital injections by the shareholder in the past for refurbishment of old and dilapidated infrastructures, but not to sustain the company’s operations.

Historically, NWR has undergone various changes like any organization within the business fraternity. During these transitions, there have been some challenges that were not concluded within the term of office of each Board and management team. It is not true that “NWR forced to audit” however, what is true is that there were some backlog audits prior to the appointment of the incumbent Managing Director. Ever since Mrs. Zelna Hengari was appointed she made it her goal to rectify the outstanding statutory matters that had been left to accumulate unabated. As an example, the external audits for the financial years ending 31 October 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 were successfully concluded within a short period of three years by a reputable auditing firm. The audits for the financial year 2014 is currently being audited. By any standards, the finalization of those audits for four financial years is an achievement by any standards. How can NWR be forced to audit when the audits for the years mentioned above were successfully concluded and tabled at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held last year.

In terms of the audit that was referred to in The Namibian, that audit has nothing to do with a statutory external audit. The Newspaper in question failed to point out this important fact that the audit in question is not the statutory external audits, but another audit of which its terms of reference is to be decided upon by the commissioning authorities. Requesting for clear terms of reference and other documents such as Board resolutions for an audit other than the statutory audit, is not refusing to be audited as reported by the newspaper. It is a norm to ask for such documents before commencement of such an extraordinary audit. It must also be mentioned that NWR’s Senior Internal Auditor, Mr. Zandry Haimbondi, who is a member of the Audit Finance Committee (AFC) has involved PWC to provide proposals on how best they could assist with internal audit services due to the lack of manpower in the department and thus was never made aware of any audit that was required by the outgoing Board.

The Managing Director has always been in the forefront of welcoming whatever audits that need to be done as she strongly believes the public needs to be informed on how their money is spent.

Finally, NWR would like to state that the company has sadly noted with concern the recent and on-going statements made about the company in the media. NWR would like to caution the Namibian citizens at large that the tourism industry is a very sensitive industry. Therefore, making inaccurate statements that do not reflect the reality on the ground means destroying the good name and image of the company, in particular, and that of Namibia in general. We must not destroy the goodwill and name of the company built over the years with irresponsible statements because the company is for the benefit of all Namibians.


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